フィールドフォー・デザインオフィス リニューアル

Concept of office renewal The concept of the office has changed significantly since the COVID-19 disaster. Remote working has become the norm and is expected to continue as a hybrid to some extent, as one of the attractions related to the way companies work and as a useful system for raising children.
However, remote working brings some challenges, which many companies have recognised over the past three years. In this office renewal, the following themes were chosen as concepts for the future of the office to resolve these issues.

1. A place for diverse communication
The most common communication-related issues voiced by remote workers include "loneliness", "wanting to chat" and "not knowing if the work we are doing now is the right direction for the company". This result reaffirms the importance of communication as a function of the office.
Communication involves various phases (customers, supervisors, colleagues, subcontractors, etc.) and can take place face-to-face or via video conferencing. It is important for an office to have the right space for each situation.

2.Design for creativity and productivity
As well as communication challenges, remote workers (especially those working from home) are often faced with a computer all day, This new way of working also brings concerns about the creativity and productivity of their work.
In recent years, the idea of incorporating nature into the office, known as biophilic design, which is not related to the COVID-19 Disaster, has gained traction and is being adopted in many progressive offices.
According to a study by a research institute, offices with biophilic design are 15% more creative and 6% more productive than conventional offices.
Of course, remote work also has its advantages, with productivity gains in tasks that require concentration, such as paperwork. In the future, a hybrid working style is expected , taking advantage of both office and remote work.

3. Healthier and more comfortable environments
Healthy and comfortable office environments have been attracting attention since before the COVID-19 disaster, and the adoption of biophilic design as Well₋Being is said to reduce mental fatigue, restore thinking ability and improve comfort through the air purifying function of plants. According to the aforementioned study, employee well-being is 15% higher than before.
The COVID-19 disaster has also raised employees' awareness of health, which I believe will be a necessary concept for offices in the future.

Concept of office renewal コロナ禍を経てオフィスに対する考え方は大きく変わってきています。リモートワークが普通に行われるようになり、今後も企業の働き方に関する魅力の1つとして、また子育てに有用な制度として、ある程度ハイブリッドとして継続されることが予想されます。しかしながらリモートワークにはいくつかの課題があり、多くの企業ではこの3年の間で認識された事と思います。今回のオフィスリニューアルでは、それらの課題を解消する、これからのオフィスのあり様として、以下のテーマをコンセプトとしました。