Shimizu Corporation Hokuriku Branch


Restoration of Nature at the Foot of Mountains Near Kanazawa The site in the center of Kanazawa City sits along the extension of a stone-walled moat present since the Edo period, and is adjacent to Tamagawa Park. It is an area close to both sightseeing destinations and residential areas . Within the site, a stone masonry material called Tomuro-ishi that has contributed to the development of Kanazawa City was used in the buffer zone between the front road, and native species from the foot of the nearby mountains were used for the gentle landscape around the building instead of typical pine and cherry trees found in Japanese gardens. Since there is still valuable potential natural vegetation such as Japanese cypress and other trees in Kanazawa City, the design intends to inherit the “stones” and “native trees” that constitute the foundation of the city’s scenery to the future as a unique landscape of Kanazawa.

金沢近郊の山裾の自然を再生 金沢市の中心街にある敷地は江戸時代からある石堀の延長にあり、玉川公園に隣接し、観光にも暮らしにもほど近いエリアにある。敷地では、金沢のまちを発展させてきた石積みの素材:戸室石を、前面道路のバッファーに設え、建物周囲の緩やかな盛土には、日本庭園的なマツ・サクラではなく、近郊の山裾の野原に見られるような在来種を展開した。金沢市内には今だにシイノキ等で構成される貴重な潜在植生が残るため、まちの景観の礎である「石」と「在来の木々」を、金沢の景観として未来へ繋ぎたい意図とした。