SG realty Shin-Osaka Hotel -Karaksa Hotel Grande Shin-Osaka Tower-


LINEAR-GREEN / LINEAR-WOOD Located near the Shin-Osaka Station, this hotel has a large public open space on the north side of the site.
In order to make a strong impression towards the town city as a commercial facility, we aimed to create a landmark with integrated designs of the building façade, landscape, and interior. Guests are welcomed at the entrance and lobby, extending on the first and second floors. With soft fabric ceiling lights and delicate walnut walls, the space has a calm yet gorgeous atmosphere. The lights for the elevator halls change with time, guiding guests to their rooms in a different ambiance each time. The expressions of “LINEs” throughout the hotel is designed in hopes that it will become a part of the guest’s traveling memory of Osaka.

LINEAR-GREEN / LINEAR-WOOD 新大阪駅からほど近いこのホテルは、敷地北側に大きな公開空地をもっている。